Sabroom, South Tripura, India-799 145


Michael Madhusudan Dutta College Alumni was established on 4th September, 2016. At present, the Alumni consist of 100 students approximately. The chief objectives of the MMDC Alumni are to maintain association among the former students and uplift the identity of the College. The Alumni functions through its diverse activities. The Alumni takes initiatives to support the current students with scholarships, mentoring opportunities, and other social activities. It also provides platform for various cultural activities.

Interested students may register themselves in the Alumni by downloading the REGISTRATION FORM with a fee of Rs. 50/- only and submit the same to any one of the Core Committee or the Executive Committee Members.

The Core Committee Members of the Alumni are as follows:

President : Dhananjoy Dey
Vice President : Ganesh Das & Kongjari Mog
Secretary : Koushik Bhowmik
Assistant Secretary : Bimal Das & Mithun Roy
Treasurer : Pritam Dey
Assistant Treasurer : Subrata Das

The members of the Executive Committee of the Alumni are as follows:

  1. Debabrata Chakraborty
  2. Debasish Dey
  3. Jutan Dey
  4. Pampa Biswas
  5. Pranajit Bhowmik
  6. Goutam Bhowmik
  7. Dipu Chowdhuri
  8. Debaloy Bhowmik
  9. Mitan Saha
  10. Subrata Bhowmik
  11. Suman Deb